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What You Need to Know About the Home Selling Process [infographic]

As experienced real estate lawyers, the members of our team at Ckezepis & Bright Law, PLLC are thoroughly familiar with every part of the home selling process. If you are selling a home for the first time, it’s completely understandable for you to feel a bit intimidated by the process ahead of you, but fortunately you don’t have to go through it alone, as our team is here to help you. We would always recommend that you engage a licensed real estate agent to assist you throughout each of the below steps and the process as a whole.

What You Need to Know About the Home Selling Process

•  Calculating Your Home’s Value- One essential part of the home selling process is deciding what price to set–too high, and you’ll have trouble attracting interested buyers, but too low, and you won’t get the full value of the property. In order to find the sweet spot for pricing your home, you’ll need to calculate your home’s value. This starts with a professional home appraisal and often includes further steps such as conducting a comparative market analysis report.

•  Preparing Your Home for the Market- Another key part of the home selling process is preparing your home to go on the market. This includes things like making any necessary repairs so as not to drive away potential buyers, but it can also include steps like decluttering and even staging your home. You want your home to look its absolute best in order to make a strong first impression, so it’s important to get everything in order.

What You Need to Know About the Home Selling Process [infographic]

•  Negotiating Purchase Offers- We’ll end this article by skipping a few steps and talking about the negotiation process. The home selling process doesn’t end when you receive a purchase offer, as this offer is really just the opening step in negotiations. If you aren’t satisfied with the offer, simply make a counteroffer to push for the price you want instead. There’s more that goes into this process, but with a real estate lawyer on your side, you won’t have to worry about a thing.