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What You Need to Know About Mobile Closings

If there is one thing that is both exciting and time-consuming to handle, it is buying a house. If your employer is giving you grief about the time you’ve needed off for the various tasks involved, you may be wishing there was a way to get the closing done that wouldn’t pull you away from work. If it isn’t your job that is the issue, it could be that you would rather spend the time driving to and from the closing location finalizing your move or even celebrating that you have completed the sale. Whatever the case may be, an attorney who offers mobile closings could be the answer. Here are a few things you need to know about mobile closings.

an attorney who offers mobile closings could be the answer

  • Not all attorneys offer mobile closings. If you suspect that this service is something you might want to take advantage of, be sure to choose your real estate attorney with this in mind.
  • You can usually meet just about anywhere. Mobile closings can be done during your lunch hour at a local restaurant, at your new home to coincide with the final walkthrough, at your current home so you don’t have to lose valuable packing time, or a favorite venue where you want to enjoy an immediate celebratory meal or round of drinks with friends and family.
  • They’ll provide all paperwork and notary services. If they need you to have anything on hand for your closing, they’ll let you know, but usually everything has already been compiled and all you’ll need to do is sign the documents.

Mobile closings are a service we offer here at Ckezepis Law, PLLC because we understand there can be constraints to getting to our office on such a busy day. We are happy to meet you at a designated location and handle all the pertinent paperwork for a smooth closing. Contact us today to learn more about our real estate law services.