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Tips for Enjoying Smooth Residential Closings

It would be devastating to enter a marathon and make it to just before the 26.2 marker. You don’t enter the race with anything less than the expectation of crossing that finish line. The same holds true when purchasing real estate. All the effort that goes into it is with the expectation of finishing the race, meaning getting through the closing and making the property yours. Even the most stressful closing may accomplish that feat, but enjoying smooth residential closings is the ultimate goal. Here are some tips to do exactly that.

Tips for Enjoying Smooth Residential Closings

  • Have an accurate quote for your closing costs and be sure your funds are readily available. You will generally have two choices for submitting your down payment and closing costs. The first is to have a cashier’s check with you and the other is to have made arrangements for a wire transfer.
  • Have a good working relationship with your lender. There is a process to be followed to be sure you don’t find yourself without approved financing at the last minute that could delay closing or even halt it completely. Begin with conditional approval before you start looking at properties and be sure that all the information you have given them can be substantiated. Most will provide you with a checklist of documents you need and the sooner you produce them, the smoother residential closings can go.
  • Be sure that any repairs that you’ve requested are completed and do a walkthrough of the property prior to closing to confirm. Don’t trust just an invoice that everything has been done as it is easy enough to falsify an invoice or hire someone that does the job cheaply, but not properly. You don’t want to find this out in the eleventh hour if you want smooth residential closings.
  • Work with a real estate attorney that offers mobile closings and offers clear communication. You’ll need to know beforehand that all documents have been received so that on the day of closing, there aren’t any surprises. Being able to close at a location convenient for you is icing on the cake. You’ll have enough on your plate at it is, so this time saver can be really helpful.

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