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Things to Do When You Sell a Home

When it comes time to say goodbye to your current abode, finding someone who can help you get the best price for it and quickly are probably the top two desires on your wish list. However, real estate lawyers and agents aren’t magic, and a lot of the results from selling a home are dependent upon you and what you do before you list. At Bright Law, PLLC, we want to help ensure that we sell your home quickly. If you want to sell a home, here are a few tips that can help make the best of your home, no matter the size or upgrades.

A clean house is essential to sell a home

  • Keep it clean. A clean house is essential to sell a home, no matter the size or upgrades present! A clean home always shows better to potential buyers who can only smell cleanliness and a cared-for property rather than stinky socks or last night’s leftovers in the sink. Hard as it may be, keep your home uncommonly clean during the showing process.
  • De-personalize the space. Take down the pictures of you and your family everywhere and try to replace the areas with more neutral artwork that matches the space. It’s hard for people to see themselves in a home with the last name of the current owners above the front door and wedding pictures in the bedroom!
  • Hide the pets. Sorry, Fido, but homes that have obvious signs of pets like pet dishes, litter boxes or even pet toys will be harder sales than pet-less homes. Pets mean accidents and occasional damages. Even if that has never happened to your pet, that is what potential buyers will be thinking.

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