The Making of The Mobile Closers Van! [infographic] | Bright Law, PLLC

The Making of The Mobile Closers
Van! [infographic]

At Bright Law, PLLC, we are proud to be the premiere professional real estate transaction attorney offering mobile closing services throughout the area. We thought it was about time that we had a vehicle befitting our dedication to making your real estate closing go smoothly, so we started the process of creating The Mobile Closers van. It’s been an exciting process and we thought we’d share with you how it came about so that when you see it drive up to your closing location, you’ll know the whole story.

The Making of The Mobile Closers Van! [infographic]

  • Creative Briefing- The process began with Justin’s dream for an avatar of himself so that our van would express his passion for helping his clients enjoy a stress-free real estate closing.
  • Sketching– Settling for nothing less than the best, Justin met with a designer who once worked for Disney and included input from his wife. A few sketches showed we were on the right path!
  • Caricature Creation– The next step was developing a caricature that was the perfect marriage between fun and professional. We think the designer nailed it!
  • Final Poses– We then looked at some final poses as we decided on the right head to body proportions.
  • The Interior & Exterior– The inside of the van has some great features, like a desk that holds 2 monitors, a computer, and a scanner/printer/fax machine, as well as Cradle Point mobile internet access, allowing us to do our work efficiently while on the go. We also added 6 solar panels on top for both style and function.
  • Van Graphics Designed, Printed, and Applied– Voila! We now have The Mobile Closers new van and it is ready to come to your home, place of business, or another location to take care of your real estate closing. Call us to schedule yours today!