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Recent Updates on the Education Requirements for Broker Licensing Courses

Due to the recent public health emergency, the North Carolina Real Estate Commission voted to approve two emergency rules that change how education courses will take place for the next several weeks. One of these rules – Rule G .0104 – will require all real estate schools and sponsors to suspend or cancel all live and in-person classes (effective March 26, 2020).  The rule also allows for the creation of online alternatives and extensions on time requirements.

Recent Updates on the Education Requirements for Broker Licensing Courses

Can schools and sponsors still offer in-person classes after March 26th?

No. Until April 30, 2020, all in-person classes are either suspended or cancelled.

Can Post-licensing courses and the General Update or BICUP be taken online?

Yes. While the emergency rule remains in effect, as of March 26th, all Post-licensing, Pre-licensing, and Update courses can be offered through synchronous format. This means that everyone participates in the online course at the same time, but the students and instructors are in separate places.

What will happen to live Pre- and Post-licensing classes currently in progress?

These classes will either be suspended or cancelled. Providers have the option to suspend the course and start it again later or hold remaining sessions through synchronous distance learning. Your education provider should communicate their refund policies to you, whatever decision they make about remaining class time.

What if you cannot finish the Pre- or Post-licensing course?

The school you attend must let you make up any missed course hours while the rule is in effect by attending another offering of the same course.

What should brokers who need more time to complete the 12-hour BIC course do?

If you are a broker in need of more time, email your request to Due to the new rule, you will be granted a 90-day extension automatically.

What should brokers who need more time to take Post-licensing and/or CE courses do?

For these courses, the Commission will provide a 90-day extension to brokers who have not completed these courses by June 10. You do not have to submit a request form.

Can license applicants still go to PSI testing centers?

No. These testing centers closed as of March 19, 2020 and will remain closed until at least April 13th.

Are you worried your 180-day opportunity to take the license exam will expire before you can take it?

You can email a request for a time extension to for an automatic 90-day extension.

If you have any additional questions or need more information, you can email You can also contact us at Bright Law, PLLC if you would like to know more about these recent changes to licensing courses and testing.