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Are You Ready for Tiny House Living?

Tiny house living is all the rage these days. Even people who don’t want to necessarily live in their own tiny home can appreciate what tiny house dwellers are trying to do and how they want to live their lifestyle. If you are one of the many people who don’t want to peek in on the tiny house living world as an outsider any longer and are thinking of taking the plunge to tiny house living, you have to make some serious changes before you can really commit to this sort of lifestyle. Before you go out and buy a plot of land and a tiny house, here are a few tips to help you determine if you are really ready for tiny house living.

Tiny house living is all the rage these days

  • Try it out. If you aren’t sure if you can really handle tiny house living, why not try it out for a few days or weeks first? Even if you aren’t able to find tiny house rentals, you can often tour tiny homes in detail. Really look around these places and imagine yourself living there.
  • Drastically reduce. Living in a tiny home means living tiny in more than one way. Be prepared to give up the vast majority of your stuff or put large portions of it into storage in order to live tiny.
  • Think about where you spend your time. Where is your favorite spot in the home? Is it in the kitchen making up new recipes? The living room watching television with friends? The bedroom to read books or meditate? Determining where you spend your time can help you narrow down the features you want in your tiny home that will bring you the most joy.